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Fees from April 2021 

Note to Parents​ ​ ​ ​

  Days* Age 2      Age 3-5
Monthly Charge
Age 3-5
Funded(15 hrs)
2 days m,f £517.61 £491.01 £332.17
m,mid £522.94 £496.34 £337.50
mid,f £538.49 £511.89 £353.05
mid x 2 £543.65 £517.05 £358.21
3 days m,mid,f £782.78 £749.53 £550.98
m,mid x 2 £788.17 £754.92 £556.37
mid x 2,f £803.51 £770.26 £571.71
mid x 3 £808.73 £775.48 £576.93
4 days m,mid x 2,f £1041.08 £1007.83 £809.28
m,mid x 3 £1046.49 £1013.24 £814.69
mid x 3, f £1061.71 £1028.46 £829.91
5 days all week £1299.37 £1266.12 £1067.57
​ * m = Monday, mid = a Tuesday, Wednesday or a Thursday, f = Friday​




Fees for The Nursery


The Nursery is open from 8.30am until 5pm Monday-Friday, throughout the year, except for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.  Our fees include a morning and afternoon snack, but do not include lunch or nappies.  We ask all parents to supply their own packed meal for lunch and nappies if required.  Optional extras may be offered, such as Forest School, which may incur an additional charge. 

Fees are calculated based on full-day attendance and a minimum of two days a week, as per the table above, and are payable monthly by direct debit. Full fees are charged for holidays and sickness.  We accept vouchers from employers’ salary sacrifice schemes.  We have averaged the cost across the year, so that the monthly charge remains the same.  The rates take into account Bank Holidays, so those attending on Mondays and Fridays show an appropriate reduction.

The Nursery fees are reviewed annually, normally in February, to be applied in April through to the following March.  The Nursery will aim to give parents as much notice of fee changes as possible.



Funded Childcare


Government funding is available for eligible 2-year olds and for all 3 + year olds, for up to 15 hours per week via Early Years Funding (EYF) from the local authority.  Funding is provided for 38 weeks; we operate the stretch funding scheme, so this is spread out across the 50 weeks per year that we are open.  The total funded hours available to a child is therefore 38 weeks x 15 hours/week = 570 hours/yr.  Broken down monthly this equates to 47.5 hours funded per month.  Children attending for only 2 days receive a reduced allocation of 12 funded hours over 38 weeks (38 hours per month).  More information on the free sessions is available from the Oxfordshire County Council. Free early education for 3 - 4 year olds | Oxfordshire County Council

Once your child is eligible for the funding, we just need you to complete a short form. We also have a number of places that are available to children receiving the two-year-old funding. We are happy to support your application should you wish to access this funding.  Funded costs are subject to changes in funding from OCC.  If your child is 2, and eligible for funding, please contact us for fee details.



How We Calculate Your Fees


For those children attending The Nursery for three days or more per week, 47.5 hours per month will be charged at a special discounted rate.  For those eligible for funding, these hours will be provided completely free.  For those attending for two days a week a similar system will be applied for 38 hours per month.  Further hours will be charged at an hourly rate dependent on how many days your child is booked to attend – the rate is tapered, so there is a gradual reduction for those attending more days.  Details of rates may be provided on request and will appear on your invoice. There are a very limited number of places available for children who only wish to take the funded hours.  These may be limited to particular days and times and there may be extra charges applied for snacks and outings.



Additional Charges


Additional sessions may be purchased, space permitting, at a daily rate of £62.50

A late collection fee of £25 per additional 15 minutes.


Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like more details.