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Bridging the Generation Gap

We have teamed up with the Residents from Fairfield Residential Care Home, who have been welcoming our Busy Bees children.

Developing connections between older people and very young children can benefit both young and old.   Interactions with children help the elderly to feel a connection of the world and increase activity levels and confidence.  Intergenerational programs offer a unique opportunity for younger and older generations to interact through planned activities.

little boy chatting with old lady

Many of our older people in our community suffer from loneliness and we would like to reach out to our seniors.

The children join the residents once a week to enjoy activities together such as arts and crafts, telling stories, singing, and playing games. The children benefit from the praise and feedback they receive from the care home residents, and the children also learn about the differences between generations and about the world. They learn that sometimes they need to talk quietly, but sometimes it is necessary to speak more loudly if an older person is having difficulty hearing them.

Here is a link to find out more.

playdoh with old lady