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August 2022

"It is almost impossible to express how much The Nursery has meant to our family over the past two years. 

We love the way you create such a caring and nurturing environment, your amazing creativity in following the children’s interests from week to week, and the incredible effort you put in to making new experiences for the children (e.g., special foods, celebrations, forest school, sports day) our daughter has had such a wonderful time at The Nursery and has flourished here, as did our son before her. The Nursery will always be an important part of our children’s stories and will remain in our hearts. "

Metz  Moser family 


July 2022

"It is hard to find the words  to describe quite how privileged we feel to have had such a wonderful team looking after both our children alongside us in their early years.

The Nursery is a caring, happy, supportive, positive,energetic, inspirational, fun place that has been a real 'home from home' for our two children. 

We will miss you greatly and remember you fondly."

The Storey Family


June 2022

"The Nursery has been the best place for our child to learn and grow outside of our family. After viewing a few other places, we immediately knew we wanted our daughter to go to The Nursery the moment we walked in and met Louise! The staff are all very caring and nurturing and the teaching is great! Thank you Louise and everyone else for all you do! We would choose your place over and over again. "

Sherri Damion and Maisie


"Annabel has loved and thrived under your care and love. We were amazed at how quickly she blossomed from a shy little girl to a cheeky monkey who simply cannot stop talking! Your dedication, attention to detail, compassion and love have really stood out and we owe you a huge debt of gratitude in spring-boarding Annabel to the next phase and the rest of her life"


May 2022

"We have been thrilled to see Esther grow in confidence and independence, and to see her enjoying nursery so much. It’s a great delight to read the weekly memo and get a taste of what the children have been learning and exploring. We really appreciate having this guidance on how we can best help Esther at home. Thank you, you are all doing an amazing job!!"


"We are so grateful for the opportunity to have had both of our boys at The Nursery. It has exceeded all my expectations. The staff could not be more caring and nurturing yet managing behaviour in a really productive and positive way. My children have been well prepared for starting school both academically and socially, which stands them in good stead for their future education. Most of all, nursery is so much fun! The activities are so creative and enjoyable I wish I could stay there all day too! Thank you! "

 The Dear Family May 2022


September 2021

"Thank you for being so amazing and for getting the best for the children. The energy and effort everyone applies on a daily basis is really incredible and we are very grateful for everything you do and the joy you bring."


August 2021

"The Nursery was the best possible place for both of my children to spend their early years. It is far more than childcare, here the children spend their days discovering, exploring, learning, playing and laughing. It's a wonderful, joyous place and we only wish they could stay until they were ten."

The Greenwoods 2021


June 2021

'I can't imagine a happier place for our three children to have their first experience away from home than under the care of Louise and her staff at The Nursery. The Nursery is a place of magic run by smart, creative, attentive staff full of joyous, engaged children. Incredible attention is given to each child and their well being, as well as exploring interests and themes. 
Our children were nurtured, supported and grew in confidence both socially and emotionally at The Nursery. They were given a solid foundation in writing & numbers, and above all, an enthusiasm for learning which meant when the time finally came to sadly leave nursery, they were ready for school. We will be forever grateful for the gift of The Nursery.'
-The Mardes family, June 2021


August 2020

"Thank you, for a really wonderful two years. I have never had a moment's hesitation since first visiting with Joe at a few months old, and have been consistently impressed and amazed by all you do with the children to expand their experiences and understanding of the world around them. "

- Joe 2020


"We are truly grateful for the progression our daughter has made during the last two years. The Nursery staff team has been very supportive, patient and professional. Our daughters emotional and social skills have developed greatly, we still cannot believe how much difference she is comparing with when she first started. The Busy Bees learning classes have prepared her academically and socially for her big school. She was lucky enough to participate in nativity plays, sports day, nursery day trips, forest school and nursing home visits. She is looking forward to going to big school, though she sure will miss everyone from The Nursery."

- Mila 2020


"Our son has come on so much emotionally, physically and academically over his time at nursery and we're ever so grateful to all the staff for their hard work and kindness. Thank you ever so much!"

- Freddie 2020


"Thank you to the whole team for preparing our son for school so well, and for giving him a wonderful nurturing dynamic and safe environment in which to grow."

- Max 2020


"Louise and her team have been an amazing attribute to my daughters development at nursery.They have supported and nurtured her throughout her time there and we will miss them all immensely. I hope that my daughter's transition to school will be as smooth and positive as it was at The Nursery with plenty of encouragement and learning in a fun way which is what she responds well to."

"Thank you to The Nursery staff especially her key person who has been a crucial figure in her life and we will miss her so much. "

 - Clara 

"We are really going to miss seeing everyone from The Nursery, we are so grateful for the love and care our two children have received it has felt like we are dropping them off with family each day! We have felt so lucky to have had the amazing structure that The Nursery set up provides. Both children have loved coming each day which has also been so key to their independence and development."

- Finn and Isla  

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your dedication to shape our daughters character and help her achieve her potential on every front. "

- Electra

"Thank you so much to The Nursery for such a great start! Joe has been happy and engaged there from day 1, and I hope he has the same good fortune moving onto big school. "

December 2019

" I Knew The Nursery was good when putting my son's name down, but since he started I've been absolutely blown away by the quality of the care and education he has received. I cannot imagine a better start to his education."

October 2019

"I just wanted to say Thank you for the opportunity to work at your beautiful nursery and to be part of such a hardworking, compassionate and dedicated team! I felt very welcomed by all the staff and enjoyed every moment with the children, even the more channelling times! I think you all do a fabulous job and especially admired the creativity and independence you encourage in the the children. Forest school will always stand out to me as something really special and important for the children to be part of. "

- Gaby 

September 2019

"I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse the Nursery: its program of weekly activities for toddlers, its spacious and well organised physical plant and perhaps most importantly its dedicated and caring staff.

Our 4 year old son loved his time there:  the friendships he made, his introduction to verbal and artistic skills, and the time spent during breaks in the spacious back garden.

Perhaps the greatest asset of the Nursery is its caring and supportive staff, a group who love the children entrusted to them and work tirelessly to help them advance and grow.

My wife and I strongly recommend the Nursery."

June 2019

"It has been a complete joy and privilege to send 2 of our children to The Nursery, we are convinced that the care, compassion and creativity you and your team have shown our children has been transformational.

You have helped them develop strong foundations of kindness, curiosity, independence, and self esteem. We cannot thank you enough for being such a positive presence in their lives, and we are sure your influence will continue to help them adapt and flourish. "

 - Stevenson Family


"The Nursery has given our son an exceptional start in life and a fantastic foundation for school - everything I hoped for and so much more.
While still 2 years old he had the lovely, caring support of his key worker and the teachers & carers who all understood him & connected with him straight away.
The Nursery has a truly delightful staff who are always cheerful, always engaging and inventive with the children and feedback to parents about their child’s progress & interests everyday.
Our son has absolutely loved his time with you & couldn’t wait to get to nursery in the mornings. He had new experiences all the time and whenever he had a special interest of his own the nursery just picked it up and ran with it - extending his knowledge and enjoyment all the more.
He would surprise us with new skills he’d picked up & he loved the singing and dancing he learnt with you. He will miss you all so much. You are a very hard act to follow.
Thank you for two very special years."


"Louise and her team have taken wonderful care of my two sons over the past four years. I can't overstate what a lovely, safe, warm place the Nursery is. The team have responded sensitively and with great care to my individual children's different personalities and needs and from the outset made it clear that they intended to support us as parents in our decision-making and preferences for our children. It is a happy and stimulating environment and my children have been very comfortable there from the age of just-2 to nearly-5. The staff are incredibly dedicated and I can think of so many examples of them going the extra mile. I am sad to be saying goodbye now but luckily I will be back in one year's time with child number three!"


"You are such a great Nursery, always inventive and stimulating for our children. We are so grateful for everything they have learned and discovered with you, we couldn't dream of a better place for them to start their social life outside of our house!"


"Thank you so much for looking after our daughter for the last two years. I can honestly say that we have never had a moments concern about her care with you, and have only ever seen warmth, enthusiasm and engagement from all the staff, It is a great place."


"Thank you all so much for making our daughter's time at The Nursery such a positive and happy one. She will have lots of wonderful memories, and we are very grateful for all the love and care she has received."


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at The Nursery for making such a wonderful environment . Our children have been very happy and very well looked after, and I have always felt confident to leave them with you each day, knowing that they will be cared for with kindness, intelligence and encouraged in all aspects of their development and well being..."


"Thank you so much for creating such a warm ,loving and creative environment for all the children who attend The Nursery."