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Nursery Routine

Our routine and timings are flexible from day to day as we follow our children’s lead.
This is just a guide to the structure of our day.


Children start arriving at Nursery. Free play with children moving freely between rooms. Children join in for Busy Bees structured activities.


Rolling snack time! The children find their names and a place at the snack table and are encouraged to help themselves to snacks.


Tidy up time! The children gather together on the carpet for circle time, to sing the song of the week and talk about Nursery news, they then spilt up into their family groups for an activity developed specifically with the group in mind.


Garden time! Everyone heads outside for fun, unstructured play outside.     


Tidy up time in the garden. Everyone gathers again for action songs and children head inside in groups for lunch.


Lunch is usually over around now. Children finish eating and group together for a story.


The sleepy children are taken to bed, and others snuggle down for a short relax with songs, story CDs or music.


Free play, with activities set up for the children to enjoy. Opportunities to continue and build on from morning play are offered and new activities as well.

3:00pm   Teatime!

Garden time; everyone heads outside for fun and fresh air. Activities are set up for children, and ring games played.   Children are encouraged to assist in keeping the garden tidy. Everyone gathers for a short reflective chat, a song or game before heading inside.


Group time activity in small groups. This can be a game, story, puzzle, sorting activities – a chance to chat as well as play.


Story time! Everyone gathers together for a story. This may be split into 2 groups, dependent upon the number of children and their requirements.


Time to go home. We must ensure everyone has left by 5pm in order to allow staff to meet, reflect on their day, and plan next steps for the children and set up for the next day.